Associate Member Program


There’s no better way to establish business relationships with long term care facilities than by supporting their own trade association. NDLTCA encourages its members to utilize those companies supporting their industry…NDLTCA Associate Members.

  • Company listing on our website and a link to your web site and/or email address.
  • Member rates at Annual Convention and Expo which is 1/2 off the cost of non-member rates.
  • You are invited to participate on any NDLTCA committees.



The Expanded Associate Membership includes all of the benefits of a Regular Associate Membership plus a copy of the NDLTCA Membership mailings that are electronically distributed. These mailings contain information on long term care issues specific to North Dakota and during the legislative sessions, a mailing is posted once a week with extensive updates.



An individual may apply for an Individual Associate Membership if:

  • You are not currently employed by a member facility of NDLTCA;
  • You are not currently employed by a facility that meets the requirements of being a dues paying member of NDLTCA, but chooses not to be a member;
  • Businesses are NOT eligible for an Individual Associate Membership.