Cherished Hopes

Every resident or tenant has a hope or a dream…..Something they would like to do. Somewhere they would like to go. Somebody they would like to see. Facilities might not always have the means to accommodate these hopes and dreams. The Cherished Hopes program is here to help.


Cherished Hopes is a program provided by the ND Long Term Care Association to assist facilities with granting wishes to residents and tenants in long term care facilities.

Who can apply for a Cherished Hope?
Residents and/or tenants residing in long term care facilities in North Dakota that are members of the ND Long Term Care Association.


How are wishes granted?
A committee will review the wish applications to determine eligibility and feasibility of providing funding for the wish. The ND Long Term Care Foundation reserves the right to grant or deny wish applications.


How are wishes funded?
Twice a year, during NDLTCA’s convention and fall conference events, raffles are held to raise funds.


A few wishes that have been granted to residents/tenants:

  • Web cams to communicate with loved ones
  • Trip to visit a sibling living in the state
  • A visit to a loved ones grave site
  • A trip to the Norsk Hostfest in Minot
  • Video gaming systems (Wii, X-Box, etc)
  • Attended a school reunion
  • Attended a great-granddaughter’s wedding
  • Participated in the WWII Honor Flight


Would you or your loved one be interested in….

A Relationship Hope: Reunite relationships whether through actual meeting, such as a family reunion, graduation or wedding; or through the use of technology such as web cams.


A Lifelong Hope: Learning to play the piano, riding in a semi-truck or farm machinery because that was their job for many years, or attend a school reunion.


A Hope for Fun: Take a ride in a favorite sports car, learn to speak a foreign language, spend an afternoon bowling with friends or family, dinner and a limo ride, a trip to a casino, a visit to a spa, or a trip to a nearby lake to fish.


These are simply ideas. Categories are not limited to what is listed above.


For more information contact Casidie Fladeland at 701-354-9775 or email