North Dakota Long Term Care Association

North Dakota Long Term Care Association (NDLTCA) is a non-profit trade association representing long term care facilities in North Dakota. Membership includes nursing facilities, basic care facilities and assisted living facilities. NDLTCA began operating in 1977 and currently represents 192 facilities.


NDLTCA works closely with State and Federal government agencies along with other professional associations in its efforts to advocate on behalf of long term care and promote sound legislation and regulatory policies.


NDLTCA is an affiliate of the American Health Care Association (AHCA) and the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL). Each member facility of NDLTCA is a member of AHCA/NCAL. Located in Washington, D.C., AHCA/NCAL is the largest organization of long term care facilities in the nation.


The NDLTCA’s staff includes: President, Education Director, Education Assistant, Executive Assistant, Emergency Services Directory, and an Account Tech. The staff, under the direction of the President, is responsible for all administrative duties which include working with government agencies, lobbying, educational training, conventions, surveys, public relations, informational mailings, and individual consultation with members.


NDLTCA is governed by a 13 member Board elected by the membership. The Board consists of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasure, Assisted Living Director-at-Large, Basic Care Director-at-Large, Nursing Facility Director-at-Large, Hospital Attached Director-at-Large, and six Regional Directors. Overall policy of the NDLTCA is the responsibility of the Board.


NDLTCA has a very active membership. Members serve on a number of committees. Each committee develops goals to accomplish throughout the year. Many members are asked to participate on special task forces when critical issues develop.


NDLTCA is dedicated to serving our members who strive to maintain the highest quality of care for the elderly and disabled.