NDLTCA provides members with a legislative voice, educational services, informational services, a regulatory voice, Emergency Preparedness help, special studies, statewide databases, networking/governance opportunities, legal services, scholarships, recognition programs, a Political Action Committee and helps to advertise job openings.

A Legislative Voice

NDLTCA staff work on members’ behalf in Bismarck. We stay current on all pending legislation that will shape the future of the long term care profession. We educate lawmakers and bring provider concerns, views, and solutions to the attention of lawmakers. Members are the cornerstone of our grassroots lobbying effort and through this statewide network we are seen as one of the most visible and effective voices before the legislature.

Education Services

NDLTCA is widely recognized as a respected provider of long term care education in the state. Through our training programs, long term care staff have access to more than 50 continuing education hours annually.


NDLTCA provides an extensive training plan each year. A variety of educational opportunities are available for all disciplines working in long term care. Continuing education for long term care staff is imperative to stay current with state and federal regulations as well as ensuring quality care is provided to residents and tenants in long term care.


NDLTCA members have access to reasonably priced workshops and conferences throughout the year.

Informational Services

NDLTCA makes sure members have the information they need to remain competitive and effective in these changing times.


Members receive electronic communication on a number of issues, trends, and events that could impact long term care providers in North Dakota. This information includes fact sheets, education and training opportunities, copies of pending long term care legislation, and directories to help you contact decision makers directly.


This electronic communication and an up-to-date website keep members and consumers informed. Information is critical for long term care providers and this has become one of the most valued services of the Association.

Regulatory Voice

NDLTCA maintains regular contact with regulatory and administrative agencies directly affecting the operation of long term care facilities. Staff and member committees review all proposed long term care rules and actively voice concerns affecting operations and resident care. Our review and analysis of proposed regulations results in a better end product. Without this input the provider perspective would not be present.

Emergency Preparedness

In 2008, the North Dakota Department of Health and the NDLTCA partnered to increase emergency preparedness activities for the long term care facilities throughout the state. Grant funding under the Healthcare Preparedness Program was delegated to NDLTCA in order to hire a part-time position to assist in preparing facilities for potential emergencies. This partnership allows valuable assistance and communication during times of emergency.

Special Studies

NDLTCA studies issues significant to long term care. Past studies have covered restraint reduction, best practices in recruitment and retention, financial viability of the long term care industry, salary surveys and a best practice initiative that recognizes innovations in delivering high quality care. Publications include: “Challenging the Myths of Long-Term Care in North Dakota,” “Senior Care Voices,” “The Pulse of North Dakota,” “North Dakota Long Term Care Facts & Figures,” and a biennial legislative final report.

Statewide Database

Through Eide Bailly, we maintain a statewide nursing facility financial database. This information and annual report helps us to evaluate the financial health of nursing facilities. Providers can evaluate staffing, cost per day, and numerous other reports to evaluate financial performance. Long term care staff salary surveys are completed annually.

Networking/Governance Opportunities

NDLTCA members have many opportunities to network with their peers in the long term care arena. Members share their challenges and successes and learn from others who have developed innovative solutions to common problems. Members increase their skills, knowledge and contacts, and take part in shaping the future by becoming active in the leadership of the association through participation on NDLTCA committees, task-forces, and focus groups on key issues affecting the industry.


Membership meetings, the Annual Convention and Expo, regional meetings, the Fall Conference and the Administrator’s Conference are opportunities for members to interact with their colleagues.

Legal Services

NDLTCA is constantly alert to proposed changes and precedents in the regulatory and payment systems which could adversely impact our members and residents/tenants.


When members have a common concern that can best be served through legal action, NDLTCA’s legal counsel takes action to advance and protect member interests under the direction and guidance of the Board.

Nursing Scholarship

In honor of Allan B. Engen, the first Executive Director of the NDLTCA, we annually award nursing scholarships. The scholarships are awarded to staff of member facilities who have demonstrated a strong commitment to caring for residents/tenants and delivering outstanding quality of care. To date, 135 nursing scholarships have been awarded since 1990.

Political Action Committee

By pooling resources, individual NDLTCA members can have a more significant impact in helping to elect qualified candidates to public office. The Political Action Committee, NDLTCA-PAC, is the political fund-raising arm of the association. It receives voluntary donations from members to support candidates who support long term care. All long term care staff are encouraged to purchase an annual membership.

Advertise Job Openings

NDLTCA members can advertise any staff positions for free on our Website. This guarantees great penetration in the long term care field. Contact Casidie Fladeland at 701-354-9775 or for more information.

Care for the Aging is a career information workforce development initiative of the NDLTCA to recruit compassionate and dedicated people to the mission of serving the elderly and disabled in long term and post-acute care profession in North Dakota and beyond. offers comprehensive information on the diverse career pathways available in long term care. The site features a wealth of resources including state-specific education requirements, salaries and career-focused videos by caregivers to inspire those seeking new opportunities to pursue a career in this exceptionally rewarding field.

Recognition Programs

NDLTCA recognizes outstanding performance among leaders in the long term care area. The Distinguished Service Award is given to individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to long term care. In the past 44 years, 35 awards have been given to “Champions of Long Term Care.” NDLTCA also holds an annual Volunteer of the Year contest to recognize the efforts of volunteers in our long term care facilities. Awards are given in three categories which include Adult, Young Adult and Group Volunteers. NDLTCA’s Volunteer of the Year Awards recognizes outstanding volunteers in North Dakota and while honoring these dedicated individuals, we offer gratitude to all the volunteers who provide their time and talents. In 2001, we awarded our first Caregiver Awards. Families and residents are invited to nominate caregivers who provide outstanding care. Caregivers are honored at our Annual Convention. Our Caregiver Award Program has proven to be very successful and popular. To date, we have bestowed the award to 90 deserving individuals.