Nursing Home Safety-CMS Update

Nursing Home Safety-CMS Update

Updates to the Nursing Home Care Compare Website and Five Star Quality Rating System: Adjusting Quality Measure Ratings Based on Erroneous Schizophrenia Coding, and Posting Citations Under Dispute

Biden-Harris Administration Takes Additional Steps to Strengthen Nursing Home Safety and Transparency
CMS to increase oversight of inappropriate antipsychotics use.

Memorandum Summary
•Adjusting Quality Measure Ratings: CMS will be conducting audits ofschizophrenia coding in the Minimum Data Set data and, based upon the results, adjustthe Nursing Home Care Compare quality measure star ratings for facilities whoseaudits reveal inaccurate coding.
•Posting Citations Under Dispute: To be more transparent, CMS will now displaycitations under informal dispute on the Nursing Home Care Compare website.


01.18.23 Press Release

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