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Nor-Son Construction
Mark Korte
7900 Hastings Road , Baxter, MN 56425

Founded in 1978, Nor-Son Construction is a nationally recognized design and construction service firm focused in senior living, healthcare and hospitality markets. Our tradition of client-focused relationships is supported by delivering projects and distinctive character, precision craftsmanship and incomparable quality.

Brent Dammann and Alicia Fadley
3535 South 31st Street Suite 203 , Grand Forks, ND 58201

From renovation to new construction, Widseth has completed projects for non-profit, private, and public long-term care and senior housing providers. We understand the challenges providers face in creating facilities that are welcoming and flexible and that promotes staffing efficiency. We keep up with current industry terminology and trends, construction technology, and, of course, local and state building codes. Our focus on energy efficiency, high-performance systems, and sustainability to all of the buildings we design leads to energy efficient and cost effective facilities.