Long Term Care Needs You!

Long Term Care Needs You!

Letter Suggestions

You can Find a template letter to follow here!

Allow staff, residents and visitors to “unmask”. Residents want to see their caregivers and can’t communicate effectively while masks remain in place. Depression and loneliness are taking over our resident population. The single most important thing we can do for residents is have them see their caregivers face, provide a hug, and tell them they matter. Covid restrictions are crushing their spirit.

Stop the Screening process. The screening process is ineffective, a waste of staff resources, and is not detecting Covid.

Update the testing matrix. Most of the public is using home tests and not reporting. This is skewing positivity rates and putting communities in the RED zone with low case numbers. We know the value of testing and will use it to detect outbreaks and stop the spread.

Return our long term care facilities to something closer to their pre-pandemic state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we have lost 1500 long term care staff in North Dakota. We have become more reliant on contract staff, and no one is applying for hundreds of open positions. We need staff and our residents need caregivers. Stop the restrictions so individuals will consider a job in long term care.

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CMS: DNH_TriageTeam@cms.hhs.gov

CDC: RochelleWalensky@cdc.gov

CC to Association: vanessa@ndltca.org

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