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LifetimeVibe Whole Body Vibration Machine

143% improvement in physical function
41% improvement in Pain
60% improvement in vitality
23% improvement in general health
57% improvement in quality of walking as assessed by the Tenetti Test
77% improvement in equilibrium
39% decrease in time required to get-up-and-go
*Controlled study conducted by Dr. Bruyere, MD consisted of 42 volunteers in a nursing home for six weeks

If you are interested in improving your residents quality of life, call me and we can discuss the LifetimeVibe. It is a whole body vibration machine seniors are embracing.


Shelley Stewart

Wheelchair Lift Minibus

bus.jpg Image-Truly excellent condition, cosmetically & mechanically
-Zero rust or corrosion, never used in snow

2008 , with V-10 gas engine
Up to 4 wheelchairs: Seats 12 + 2 wheelchairs or 10 + 3 or 8 + 4. Flat floor
$18,500 Delivery included.

For information and photos, contact:
Access Institute (800) 929-4811
or email