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Nurse Manager


Valley View Heights


40 hours per week

8:30am – 5:00pm

Availability for on-call evenings and weekends



  • Minimum of an RN degree and 4 years experience in a supervisory capacity
  • Long-term care experience preferred
  • Prior marketing and public speaking experience desirable


Primary Job Function

To plan, organize, manage, deliver and oversee the day to day operations of the assisted living nursing department.


Essential Job Functions

Functions Related to Management of Department:

  • Forecast, plan and develop goals for the nursing department consistent with the mission and objectives of the director and President/CEO.
  • Assure the operations of the department are within scope of licensure and are in compliance with state regulation.
  • Develop and maintain policy and procedures for the department and delivery of services.
  • Assure that appropriate record keeping is maintained with regards to medical records of clients, services delivered and billing.
  • Assure quality atmosphere for tenants and staff.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality in all business/personal dealings regarding tenants, families and staff.
  • Assist with development and oversees compliance of nursing department budget.

Functions Related to Personnel:

  • Responsible for recommending staffing needs, hiring and overseeing the provision of
  • training staff.
  • Assure compliance with MSLCC personnel policies.
  • Complete staff evaluations and performance reviews, addressing performance concerns as they arise.
  • Provide supervision and direction to staff in the delivery of services to tenants.
  • Work along side staff delivering personal cares, medication administration, etc.
  • Demonstrates MSLCC’s and VVH’s customer service standards of excellence

Functions Related to Marketing of Services:

  • Understand basic principles of marketing.
  • Serve as on-site marketing representative.
  • Promote good public relations, including community networking and presenting to groups outside of the facility.


To apply, submit an MSLCC employment application online at or at the front office.

Please submit a resume to

Application Deadline: October 24, 2017