Conference Policies


NDLTCA offers a discount on many conferences. The policy for receiving a discount is based on the registration form being sent to our office (faxed, emailed, mailed) by the time designated on the registration form. Registration forms may be submitted without payment to be eligible for the discount, however, payment must be received within 30 days after the conference has been held.

Payment Policy

Payment is appreciated with the registration form. If payment is not received within 30 days, your invoice will be placed into our billing system. Walk-in registrations are welcomed and accepted based on space availability. Walk-in registrants will be assessed a $25 charge in addition to the full registration fee. Payments not made within 90 days will result in that facility being placed on a cash only basis for future conferences. Registrants will not receive their certificates of attendance until conference registrations are paid.

Refund Policy

A 75% refund will be given to those persons who cancel their registrations up to three full working days prior to the conference. Cancellations received past this notification will not be eligible for refunds. Exceptions may be made in the case of a medical emergency, a facility emergency (not including staffing), or a survey taking place at a facility. Please complete a registration cancellation form available on the web site under the Conferences icon. Registered no-shows will be assessed the full registration fee and forfeit the right to any credit. They may obtain the handout materials from the NDLTCA office. Billing for 25% of the registration fee will be sent to the facilities that have not paid their registration fee and have to cancel prior to the three working days.

Cancellation of a Conference

NDLTCA may cancel a conference due to weather or lack of participants. Facilities and participants will be notified by phone or email of the cancellation. Full refunds will be sent for conferences canceled due to lack of registrations to all participants. Rescheduling of conferences will be attempted at a later time.

Storm Policy

NDLTCA will refund 75% of the registration fee when a conference has to be canceled due to storm conditions. It is the policy of NDLTCA to provide the conference during stormy conditions if persons are already at the conference site and the speaker is available to present. NDLTCA encourages facilities/registrants to determine whether or not weather conditions are conducive to travel. We promote the philosophy of “safety first”. NDLTCA will use 25% of the registration fee to offset administration costs and speaker costs.

In a situation where a conference is canceled because of weather and it is impossible to reach the conference location, NDLTCA will attempt to reach all participants through radio broadcasts and telephone communication. Facilities/registrants are encouraged to contact NDLTCA if they are unsure about whether or not the conference will be held.